Is Someone You Love Struggling?

Do you feel like you’ve lost someone to addiction? Are they suffering, losing control?

Don’t be afraid. Seeking help for your loved one is the first step toward recovery.

Our loved ones need help taking that first step. It may be difficult but with your support they can start on a road to recovery. Canadian Health Recovery Centre has helped hundreds of people suffering from addictions. Many of which found success in our program with the support of loved ones like you.

Perhaps they have tried other solutions without success? Canadian Health Recovery Centre offers a holistic approach, unique in Canada, and one that is grounded in science. We treat the biochemical imbalances that are powering their addiction while nurturing the mind and spirit.

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Clinical data supports that science/nutrition approaches to addiction and recovery provide a much higher success rate after 5 years (75-80%). This as opposed to the traditional 12-step or counselling only approach which has a much lower recovery rate (15-25%).

Our Success

We treat the underlying causes of addiction. Our holistic approach addresses addiction through mind, body, and spirit.

The Body. We use science and nutrition to personalize our program and help rebalance the body. Creating a nutrition-rich diet designed to fight the deficiencies that contribute to common symptoms such as anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances and even chronic pain. Our program gives your loved one’s body the tools it needs to repair itself. This is a key element in lasting recovery, as it addresses the deficiencies and imbalances that often make an individual prone to addiction.

The Mind. Thoughts, behaviours and emotions can be changed and overcome with practice and technique. At the Canadian Health Recovery Centre, we consider addiction and recovery to habituated unhealthy behaviour patterns can be changed and new healthy behaviours created. Lives can be transformed.

The Spirit. For full recovery – one that leads to a life of joy and fulfillment – we need to treat the soul. We will help them overcome the frustrations, anxiety, and the misconceptions that surround chemical dependency. We will help build new truths, new relationships and a new outlook on life.

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About CHRC

The Canadian Health Recovery Centre has had proven success in helping men come back from the depths of addiction. And we can help your loved one. With a customized plan to help rebalance their biochemical make up and coach them to establish coping strategies and get to the root of the addiction.

Where are we located?

Our inpatient clinic is located in Peterborough, Ontario. Located one hour outside of Toronto out facility is both private and easily accessible.

Can I visit your Facility?

You are welcome to book a tour of our facility to better access if it is the right fit.

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How long does program take?

Canadian Health Recovery Centre is an inpatient facility because we believe that it is the most effective way to work with our clients. Some institutions offer 21-day program, but we have found this to be ineffective. Our shortest program is 28 days. We offer programs up to 90 days; however, our 42-day program has been proven most successful in helping our clients achieve lasting success.

Why would Your Program work for my loved one?

Our team will review their specific case and create a recovery plan tailored to address the biochemical imbalances that are an obstacle to your loved one’s recovery. The bloodwork we take at the beginning of the treatment will help us determine the nutrition and treatment specifically suited to them.

This unique approach to nutrition and recovery is supported by intensive counselling and spiritual coaching which will help get to the root of their addiction. Our holistic approach allows our clients to build a strong foundation to stay sober moving forward.

How can I help a friend or Family member?

Talking to a friend or family member about their addiction can be difficult. If someone you care about is struggling with alcohol, drug addiction or other destructive behaviour, staging an intervention might be the best way to help him get better.

People with serious addictive behaviours are often in denial. When heart-to-heart talks and other attempts to help prove ineffective, you can join forces with friends, family and a professional interventionist to confront the person with the truth and a detailed plan of action. For more information on coaching a loved one, please visit our website.

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